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Wellness Solutions exists for the purpose of assisting and educating those who desire improved health and wellness. We believe that in most circumstances, the body will heal itself if given the proper environment. Optimal health is not just the absence of disease, but is the body’s ability to function at its best, handling daily stress, and being minimally impacted by environmental burdens.

It is our responsibility to give the body all of the assistance possible by way of making the best choices in nutrition, adequate clean water, exercise, and other elements beneficial to wellness. Our desire is to partner with our clients in their quest for better health. We invite you to discover some of your options with our products and services.

Latest News

Wellness Alternatives is now Wellness Solutions Research and Education, LLC!

We are located at 139 B Davis Road, Augusta, GA 30907.
Please note our new phone number: 706.869.9399

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